Roberto Hidalgo: un pianiste d’exception
“…Roberto Hidalgo a donné un concert exceptionnel en la collégiale Saint-Julien de Tournon, devant un nombreux public qui a admire l’intelligence musicale de ce pianiste, sa technique impeccable qui laisse la place à une profonde et sensible des oeuvres qu’il interprète..”

RH: an exceptional pianist
“…RH gave an exceptional concert at the collégiale Saint-Julien in Tournon, in front of a large audience who admired his musical intelligence, his impecable technique which exhuded a profound and sensible interpretation…”

– R. Gaubert-Amt, Vallee du Rhone
[Roberto Hidalgo] exhibió admirable técnica, comprensión del idioma musical y un sentido notable de la comunicación. Hidalgo es un pianista fino, de maticers repletos de estilo, que trabajó siempre al servicio de la música.

[Roberto Hidalgo] exhibited admirable technique, understanding of the musical idiom and notable communicative skills. Hidalgo is a refined pianist replete of stylistic nuances always at the service of music.

– Ricardo Rondón, Novedades
Ejecución magistral, capturando la esenciaq poética natural de la música del compositor norteamericano [George Crumb]

Magisterial execution, it captured the natural poetic essence of the American composer [George Crumb]

– Alejandro L. Madrid, Heterofonía
This program of 20th-century Mexican and American works for two pianos was fascinating, and the performances were first-rate …The pianists [Peloquin and Hidalgo] played with a rhythmic incisiveness and cool expressivity that made it seem as fresh as anything written in that adventuresome decade [Chávez’s HP] …the performance was impressive and beautiful [Crumb’s Zeitgeist].

– Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times
The pianist Roberto Hidalgo left no doubt, in his multi-faceted program (Chavez, Beethoven, Medtner, and much Chopin), as to the sensitivity, musicality, and deep emotional understanding he brings to his art. His interpretation of Beethoven’s Eroica Variations was a highlight. At the other end of the emotional spectrum, he delighted his audience with the sentiments of the Reminiscenza Sonata by Medtner. Roberto Hidalgo is indeed a notable artist of the incoming generation.

– Von Egon Stadelman, New Yorker Staats-Zeitung
…derrochó un pleno dominio del instrumento, así como una mente profundamente analítica y gran imaginación tonal.

…splashed out a thorough command of the instrument, as well as a profoundly analytical mind and tonal imagination.

– Lázaro Azar , Reforma
Mr. Hidalgo brought them to life [Chávez Preludes] with an admirably steady pulse and innovative pedaling, which added more atmosphere than is usually present in Chávez’s piano textures. The arresting cross-rhythms of Prelude No. 8, the final Prelude of Mr. Hidalgo’s chosen set, were exciting and a pleasure to hear …Mr. Hidalgo played it (Medtner’s Sonata Reminiscenza] whith artistic flair and conviction. He knows how to highlight its harmonic surprises, and he convinced us of Medtner’s broad melodies …He played [Chopin’s Polonaise in F-sharp minor] with confidence and authority.

– David Witten, New York Concert Review
El concierto que ofrecieron los pianistas Roberto Hidalgo y Marc Peloquin …fue, sin duda, el major programa que escuché este año dentro del Foro [Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enriquez”]: sus interpretaciones a Chávez, Kurtag, Rzewski y Crumb fueron fascinantes y exudaban vitalidad..

The concert offered by pianists Roberto Hidalgo and Marc Peqlouin …was, without a doubt, the best program that I heard this year as part of the Foro [Internacional de Música Nueva “Manuel Enríquez”]: their interpretations to Chávez, Kurtag, Rzewski and Crumb were fascinating and exuded vitality…

– Lázaro Azar, Reforma
Roberto Hidalgo deslumbró con su técnica pianística y con su calidez interpretative.

Roberto Hidalgo dazzled us with his technique and interpretive warmth.

– Ricardo Pacheco, Crónica de Hoy
Hidalgo and Peloquin presented a superbly prepared performance …audaciously fresh and innovative ….exactitude and “spot-on” ensemble….

– Harris Goldsmith, New York Concert Review
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